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Can Original BTC or Davey Lighting products be used externally?

Original BTC lights are not suitable for exterior use. Many Davey Lighting fittings may be used in exterior locations.

Lights with a rating of IP44 or IP43 are suitable for all exterior locations as long as there is no risk of water jets being used for cleaning purposes, direct contact from heavy seas or any risk of being submerged (Uplighters installed in for example). Refer to the table below for further information on IP ratings. 

What does IP rated mean?

‘IP’ stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ and is used to rate and classify the degree or protection provided by the product against ingress of accidental contact/particles or dust, and water to its electrical connections.

Some locations such as bathrooms and exteriors require a Light fitting to have a minimum IP rating in order to be safe to operate in that particular location.

The first digit refers to the products ingress rating against solid particles. The second digit refers to the products ingress rating against liquids. Please see table below:



Are the exterior Davey Lighting products suitable for installation in Marine or Coastal locations?

Many external Davey fittings are produced from Brass, Bronze or Copper, which makes them particularly suited to Coastal/Marine conditions, This is because Brass, Bronze and Copper have a high corrosion resistance and do not rust or corrode under saline conditions, and are commonly used on Boats and in Marine environments due to these qualities. It is important to take into account that the finish itself may ‘weather’ and build up different patinas over time depending on the surrounding conditions.

‘Galvanised’ Iron fittings, are dipped and coated in a layer of zinc that creates a physical barrier between the iron and the air. This provides a good degree of corrosion resistance in normal external conditions, but is not suitable for marine or coastal locations. This is because constant exposure to corrosive salty air will eventually corrode the galvanised layer and expose the raw iron underneath, which will cause it to rust.

Natural (untreated) aluminium has very good corrosion resistance in most external conditions, as it produces a layer of Aluminium Oxide when exposed to the air, which acts as a protective layer, preventing further oxidation. In corrosive marine locations, Aluminium may develop superficial ‘pitting’ and discolouration, but generally has good durability. Anodised finishes (such as the anodised version of the Mast Light) further enhance aluminium’s corrosion resistance as well as providing a more durable finish with regards to maintaining its aesthetic appearance.

Will Original BTC and Davey Lights produced from Copper and Brass Patinate and ‘weather’ over time?

Original BTC Brass and Copper finished products- such as the Stanley pendants should not patinate or weather as they are coated with a clear lacquer which will protect the finish from discolouring in normal conditions. Davey Lighting products produced from Brass and Copper will weather and patinate over time according to the conditions in the environment where they are installed.

When installed outdoors, Copper and Brass are likely to weather and develop darker patinas, which can range from darker shades of Brass/Copper to a very dark brown tone and eventually green.

When installed indoors, a darker patina or ‘tarnish’ might develop on the surface. This can be removed by using a suitable metal polish if desired.

Are there any pendants that are suitable for use outside, such as under a porch?

We recommend a minimum IP rating of IP43 for pendants being installed outdoors in covered areas, provided they will not be exposed to direct spray from waterjets or heavy seas. Davey Lighting has a range of pendants with an IP43 rating or higher, which can be seen in the Davey Lighting Pendant category.

Can I connect Davey Lighting products to a PIR motion/light sensor?

Yes, these sensors are available from DIY/Electrical stores and may be connected to any external light fitting.

Do you produce any emergency lighting products?

Yes, the 7530 bulkhead is available in non maintained and maintained emergency supply options. Our standard bulkhead fittings with G24 lampholders are suitable for emergency conversion on site using a remote emergency pack (available from emergency lighting suppliers/electrical wholesalers). For project enquiries requiring custom solutions to providing emergency versions of one of our products please contact us to discuss the viability of providing an emergency solution for your requirements.