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Benefits of buying British-made products

5 benefits of buying British-made products 

73% of British people think it’s important to buy British-made products[i]

Until recently, a combination of rising labour prices and globalisation meant many of the products we use and consume in the UK were manufactured overseas. However, the global manufacturing landscape is changing. Factors such as working conditions in overseas factories, increasingly erratic quality of products, and awareness of global carbon footprints are making consumers stop and think about where their products are sourced from[ii]. As a result of this, British-made products are growing in popularity, and the UK manufacturing industry now employs 2.6 million people and accounts for 11% of the GDP[iii]. 

So, with a recent survey revealing 73% of Brits associate UK manufacturing brands with quality, what are the economic, social and environmental benefits of buying British-made products[iv]? 

  1. Manufacturers have full control over supply chains

When products are both designed and manufactured in Britain, the supply chain is shorter and more transparent. This enables the consumer to work directly with the brand to make any changes or adjustments to their order, gaining a better understanding of the story behind the product and receiving a more personalised experience. 

  1. Greater flexibility

As a consumer, British-made products offer a lot more flexibility. Companies who design and manufacture their goods in Britain have the ability to make a customer’s vision come to life. They are able to offer bespoke services, as they can make adjustments and changes ad hoc rather than having to contact other manufacturers. 

  1. Fast turnaround

For products designed and manufactured overseas, the lead time between placing an order and receiving the delivery can be lengthy. British-made goods have a much faster turnaround as the deliveries have much shorter distances to travel. Brands that design and manufacture their products in Britain can also react quicker to the current demands of a market, and do not necessarily have to manufacture in huge volumes. 

  1. Easy to ensure quality

British manufacturers have access to their products throughout the full production lifecycle. They undertake regular quality checks to ensure each and every item is finished to the same high standard, because they’re passionate about their goods. This means the any issues get picked up quickly, rather than waiting months for the goods to arrive and then for an issue to be spotted. 

  1. Supporting British economy

Buying British helps to support our country’s economy. It supports British employment and entrepreneurs, and helps to boost innovation and maintain traditions. Buying products that have been made in Britain also preserves our country’s heritage and legacy, and means future generations will continue to enjoy and benefit from British-made goods. 

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to choosing British-made products. As well as the obvious environmental benefits, consumers will receive peace of mind that they are supporting their country’s economy. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the peace of mind consumers get knowing their products are of the highest possible quality, and have been made with the utmost attention to detail. Mass produced goods that have been manufactured overseas, made under unsafe working conditions and travelled thousands of miles to reach a customer simply cannot compete. 

Unfortunately, there are British brands that have iconic British designs and are jumping on the British trending theme, even though their products are actually made overseas to reduce costs and increase their margins. This is misleading the end customer to think they are getting a British product when they are not, and is a practice that is frowned upon by many true British manufacturers. 

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